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05/09/19 re

Dunhill Towers - Nairobi, Kenya

Late in 2018, the European Union Delegation to Kenya relocated offices from the Upper Hill region of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi to the 21st floor of the Dunhill building in Westlands.
05/06/19 res

Casa De La Mujer - Colombia

During summer, the supply of diesel is scarce and it is impossible to generate electricity, even for a few hours, in this remote location. For sustainable development of these areas, Colombia's government has launched the initiative “Plan Fronte ...
05/02/19 te

Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in rural Nicaragua.

Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in rural Nicaragua are used to operate Claro’s telecom towers. Claro is the region’s primary provider of mobile telephone, Internet, and satellite television services to both residential and business customers.
06/07/18 res

Bisanti Village Microgrid

Trojan Industrial batteries supply affordable electricity to the remote community of Bisanti in Nigeria bringing electricity to residents, local businesses and medical facilities.
06/05/18 res

Rafiki Power Microgrid Powered by Trojan Solar AGM

Trojan and Rafiki Power establish microgrid in Tanzania which provides electricity to more than 70 villagers and businesses, in particular Maasai Honey, which previously never had access to power.
08/08/17 res

Colombia Microgrid

Trojan's deep-cycle Industrial Line with Smart Carbon™ provide critical energy storage for five microgrids that bring electricity to remote villages in Colombia.
03/10/16 res

Tiny House

The “Tiny House” movement has taken the country by storm and Trojan's deep-cycle batteries provide a reliable energy backup solution that enables tiny house homeowners to live a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle.
01/01/14 re

Hibiscus Villa

The implementation of the system makes Hibiscus Villa a true -÷Net Zero' energy independent resort home; a clear testimony of the energy independence that can be achieved with solar technology, robust and reliable energy storage and engineering inno ...
01/01/14 re

Spice Village Resort

Industrial deep-cycle flooded batteries, which offer 17 years of life according to IEC 61427 testing, were chosen over VRLA batteries because of their affordability and long life.
01/01/14 re

Isla Bella Vista - Solar Home Systems (SHS)

We brought electricity to 40 homes using one Signature Line battery per each solar home system. Trojan has proved to be a reliable brand for rural electrification projects in Latin America.
01/01/14 re

Las Lajas - Rural School and Health Clinic

The battery backup PV system bring lights and AC power to both a school and health clinic in the town of Las Lajas, Nicaragua. Trojan batteries where chosen for the project due to their reputation for durability and long cycle life.
01/01/14 re

Thomonde Hospital

Trojan L16RE-2V batteries were selected because of their 10-year battery life, ability to withstand the rigorous conditions of the remote location such as extreme temperatures and the intermittent nature of solar power generation.

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